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With students browsing through the internet of limitless knowledge at ease, the role of teachers is no longer confined to the conveyance of knowledge. Our job is to help students draw lines between the dots of disorganised knowledge - a vital step without which wisdom can never be attained. It is the wisdom that takes years of precise training. It is the wisdom students need for their challenges beyond the academic years. From dots to lines, from lines to pictures, from pictures to thoughts, from thought to wisdom, from wisdom to success.

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Every student needs a coach on the way to maturity. Coaches not only focus on "teaching", but ,more importantly, provide company and guidance. With good coaches to guide and give encouragement, students can go further and more easily. Our responsibility is to set personal goals for students and to promote them to follow the steps to achieve success. "Teaching comes with learning". Tutors train students and at the same time they learn together with the students. If you hold the same belief, join us. Become a part of the professional team of Linear and Creative Learning Center and become a reliable coach in students' hearts. If you are interested, please email your resume to the center. If appropriate, the center will arrange further meetings with promising candidates. We look forward to meeting you.